New Mobile Network Launches, Personalising Calls To Suit Your Hearing

  • GroupCreated with Sketch. Audacious launches today, a first of its kind mobile network which provides a personalised service to those with hearing loss
  • GroupCreated with Sketch. Audacious uses world-first medically certified technology to tailor people’s calls based on their unique hearing profile
  • GroupCreated with Sketch. Founded and developed in the UK in partnership with experts in audiology, data processing and telecoms
  • GroupCreated with Sketch. In trials, nine out of 10 users experienced clearer calls
  • GroupCreated with Sketch. Nearly two thirds (67%) of Brits struggle to hear when making phone calls, which leads to feelings of frustration and stress¹

Audacious, the first of its kind mobile phone network, is launching today in the UK. The network provides a solution for users with a range of hearing needs, using a world-first technology created in partnership with audiologists to personalise calls to the user’s unique hearing profile.

While Audacious was designed with hearing loss in mind, it also has the potential to help those who struggle with the sound quality on their mobile and find phone calls stressful. The network launches as new research from Audacious reveals that nearly 70% of Brits revealed they have struggled to be heard or hear clearly on phone calls. These unclear calls leave Brits frustrated (18%) and stressed (17%), with figures rising to 90% and 70% respectively for those with hearing loss.

Hear your mobile calls better with Audacious MobileNearly a quarter (23%) of the UK report avoid answering the phone altogether due to concerns of not hearing the person on the other end. This has led to nearly a fifth of Brits (17%) experiencing feelings of isolation as a result. To help put an end to this ‘phone fear’ Audacious provides users with an optimised audio experience tailored to each individual’s hearing. The result, clearer calls, which nine in 10 people with hearing loss experienced during trials.

From today, anyone can visit the Audacious website and take a quick, commitment-free sound check to receive their own personal hearing profile. Customers can then order a SIM card tailored to the individual way they hear. There is no need for users to upgrade or replace their handset, instead, they simply swap their existing SIM card with a new Audacious one. The Audacious hearing test is free for anyone who may be interested to see whether they could also benefit from the clearer service regardless of whether they have a diagnosed hearing problem.

Audacious works exactly how your current mobile service does, with minutes and data but makes your calls clearer too. Contracts will be rolling on a flexible 30-day basis, which allows users the freedom to leave at any time. Prices will range from £14 per month for 2GB of data to £24 a month for 10GB of data and all tariffs will come with unlimited texts and minutes.

Audacious was founded by Matthew Turner, who has had moderate to severe hearing loss his whole life. Matthew set up the network in response to the lack of support provided to him and many others by the telecoms networks.

Hear your mobile calls better with Audacious MobileAudacious Founder, Matthew Turner said: “Having lived with moderate to severe hearing loss since birth, I am fully aware of the emotional impact millions of people are experiencing as they struggle daily to communicate using the mobile phone. It was a real struggle to talk on the phone and it had a negative impact on both my personal and professional life. As no mobile operator was offering or appeared to be working towards a solution to this global challenge, I made it my personal mission to develop the technology that could tailor phone calls to individual hearing loss or needs and so empower people across the UK to have better, clearer conversations.”

Hearing Researcher, University of Cambridge, Professor Brian Moore said: “When developing the Sound Check for Audacious, we sought to solve some of the issues that crippled earlier hearing aid technology. Through its treatment of frequencies to improve the quality of speech on calls, Audacious is a genuinely new product. The sound processing behind the Sound Check shows just how far hearing research has come.”

Further Spokespeople Quotes

Former England Rugby player Ben Cohen MBE who experiences hearing loss said: “I’ve never let my hearing loss hold me back, whether playing sport at an international level or learning to ballroom dance. The one thing I find hard though is missing out on interactions with loved ones. I travel a lot and while text or emails are great you can’t beat hearing the sound of someone’s voice. Audacious is a game-changer as it means I can hear about my children’s day wherever I am”

Audacious CEO, Rob Shardlow said: “The beauty of Audacious is in its simplicity, you don’t need to change your mobile phone or add any accessories, simply do the quick, free online soundcheck to find out how you hear, receive your personalised hearing profile and then order your customised Audacious SIM card that works for how YOU hear.”

¹Opimium survey of 2,007 British adults conducted by Opinium in July 2019

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