Hearing health is being neglected by British adults

A 2019 survey finds that Brits are neglecting their hearing health. With health and well being sectors are on the rise, this is pretty surprising. So, why is there still a taboo around getting your hearing checked?

More than half of Brits risking hearing through neglect

  • GroupCreated with Sketch. More than half (55%) of British adults have never had a hearing test, or can’t remember the last time they did*
  • GroupCreated with Sketch. In the last year, nearly two thirds (61%) of adults have taken an eyesight test, however, less than a fifth (19%) had taken a hearing test in the same period
  • GroupCreated with Sketch. More than two thirds (67%) have experienced difficulties hearing or being heard on mobile calls, and almost a quarter (23%) avoid answering the phone altogether leading to nearly one in five (17%) feeling isolated
  • GroupCreated with Sketch. New insights released ahead of World Hearing Day by Audacious, new mobile network designed for people with hearing loss

Hear your mobile calls better with Audacious MobileMore than half (55%) of British adults have never had a hearing test, or can’t remember the last time they did, despite data suggesting that approximately 11 million people across the UK are impacted by hearing loss**.  The data released today by new mobile phone network Audacious Mobile, shows a widespread neglect of hearing health in contrast to vision as nearly two thirds (61%) of those surveyed had taken an eyesight test in the last year, compared to only 19% who’d had a hearing test in the same period.   

The poll reveals the impact of this neglect as more than two thirds (67%) of British adults are struggling to hear or be heard on mobile calls, with one in ten experiencing difficulties regularly and the breakdown in communication is leaving many feeling frustrated (18%) and stressed (17%). 

Furthermore, almost a quarter, (23%) report avoiding answering the phone altogether, due to their concerns of not hearing the person on the other end, leading to a widespread ‘Phone Fear’.  The phenomenon is leading to nearly one in five (17%) Brits experiencing feelings of isolation as a result. 

The findings are released by Audacious Mobile, a new UK mobile phone network designed for people with hearing loss, using a world-first technology to personalise mobile calls to suit an individual’s personal hearing profile, enabling people to stay connected.  Anyone interested to check their own hearing can visit the Audacious website and take a free, simple online Sound Check to get their own personal hearing profile. 


GP, Dr Sarah Jarvis commented: “As a nation we take good care of our vision, but hearing health is often neglected. Data suggests that up to 11 million people in the UK are living with hearing loss. This can have a real impact on your mental and even your physical health, leaving many feeling stressed and isolated. It’s really not something anyone should be putting up with and I encourage people who are concerned about their hearing deteriorating to get it checked.”

Audacious Founder, Matthew Turner said: “I was born with severe to profound hearing loss, but wasn’t diagnosed until I was nearly nine years old, so I have first-hand experience of the impact of neglected hearing health.  I would encourage everyone to take a hearing test to learn about their own personal hearing profile so you can address any hearing needs

Hearing Researcher, University of Cambridge, Professor Brian Moore said: “I am proud to have played a role in the development of this unique product. The personalised call quality delivered by the Audacious system can help to overcome the difficulties experienced by hearing-impaired people when using the phone and can help to keep families connected.”

For more information about Audacious Mobile or to take your own free, simple Sound Check and receive your personal hearing profile, visit: www.audacious.co.uk

About Audacious Mobile

Hear your mobile calls better with Audacious MobileAudacious is a new mobile network launched in August 2019, on a mission to make calls clearer. Using world first technology to tailor mobile calls to the users unique hearing profile. 

Visit Audacious.co.uk to take a free, simple, commitment free hearing test to assess your own hearing profile and hear the difference Audacious could make.  Audacious does not require customers to change their phone or number, simply sign up for a personalised SIM and start to upgrade your conversations. 

Audacious was awarded the Telecoms Innovation Award and the Best Newcomer of the Year Award at the Uswitch Broadband and Mobile Awards 2020.

About Audacious partnership with Boots Hearingcare

Audacious has partnered with leading audiology brand, Boots Hearingcare, to collaborate on their shared mission of supporting people living with hearing loss. Audacious will now be featured among the range of products and services available to Boots Hearingcare customers.

The partnership will also see all Boots Hearingcare audiologists receive training on the Audacious service to provide them with the knowledge to support people exploring the service and if it can support their hearing needs. 

Additional Quotes

Ryan, 23 who has hearing loss commented: “Throughout my life I have never been able to communicate clearly over any phone without use of speakerphone or headphones. I have never really been able to have a personal call. I have never been able to just pick up the phone in a crowded environment and have a conversation.  What’s worse? I had accepted that this was going to be the case throughout my life.  Since joining Audacious, I have fortunately been able to experience the difference this technology makes, both with and, most shockingly, without my hearing aids, which has helped improve both my personal and professional life”

*Opimium survey of 2,007 British adults conducted by Opinium in July 2019

**Action on Hearing Loss Hearing Matters Report 2015

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