Audacious Mobile Founder Matthew on Living The Life

Matthew Turner, the founder of Audacious, was born with hearing loss. When he travelled away from home, he couldn’t hear his loved ones over the phone and found the effects of this very isolating.

Realising that the telecommunications industry wasn’t doing anything to combat this, he set out to create something that he and others in a similar situation could use to hear clearly on their mobile phone.

Watch the video to see Matthew’s full interview from Living The Life on IslamTV.

“I think in today’s society we forget how wonderful it is to hear someone’s voice. Could be a friend or someone you love” he said.

“The idea for me was to create a system which was simple, friendly to use, cheap. I mean, my hearing aids now they cost me two and a half/three thousand pounds each but I can have a hearing aid in the sky which is Audacious and actually people can begin to understand how hearing can impact their lives.”

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