SIM deals from 5 mobile networks with a difference

I love to get a good deal when it comes to choosing my mobile service provider. So, I’ve been looking around to find the best SIM Only deal. One that offers not only value for money but something extra than a standard SIM Only plan.

Uswitch has been useful in my search to find mobile network providers that offer extra value on their SIM deals. So, if you want more when you’re roaming, to hear your calls clearer, or to get oodles of data – read on to find out who is offering the best SIM Only plans with that something extra.

1. Struggle to hear on the phone?

You can enjoy clearer calls with award-winning technology from Audacious Mobile. This is the only mobile service provider in the UK for people who have hearing loss, or those who simply struggle to hear on the phone or in noisy places. With Audacious you can hear your mobile calls better due to the offer of Clear Call technology with all their SIM Only plans.  

With their monthly rolling SIM Only contracts, you can create a personal hearing profile that adapts all your calls to your hearing. Audacious Mobile offer a range of SIM Only plans starting from just £5. If that wasn’t enough their customer’s rate them as ‘Excellent’ on Trustpilot, providing that extra reassurance that this is a company and product you can trust.  

Audacious SIM deals at a glance:

  • GroupCreated with Sketch. World first Clear Call technology that adapts your calls to your hearing
  • GroupCreated with Sketch. Free online Sound Check to create your personal hearing profile
  • GroupCreated with Sketch. Medically approved mobile phone service (EU Class 1 Medical Device Certification)
  • GroupCreated with Sketch. Monthly rolling contracts mean you're not tied in

2. Regularly calling abroad?

Do you have family, friends or other contacts that reside in India or abroad? A SIM only plan from Lebara could help you to stay in touch for less. While most networks offer free EU roaming, unique to Lebara is the addition of free-roaming in India.  

Hear your mobile calls better with Audacious MobileLebara’s website boasts ‘search all you like; you won’t get more for a fiver’ with their 2GB data plan. This plan comes with 1000 UK minutes and texts as well as 100 international minutes to over 40 countries – 41 to be precise – for just £5.  

However, in a quick search on Uswitch, I have found an offer to top this deal- with, wait for it…Lebara! Yes, they have topped their own best deal with an even better one on Uswitch.

The deal gives you the same 2GB data with 1000 UK minutes, 100 international minutes and unlimited texts for only £4.95. So, if you use a lot of texts, grab this deal through Uswitch to get the extra bonus.

Lebara's SIM deals at a glance:

3. Like to roll over?

If you like to stream films or use a lot of data on social media using your smartphone, Virgin Mobile have data-rollover on their SIM Only plans. This means you can make the most of every megabyte. Their SIM card deals offer data-free messaging on WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook saving you more to use elsewhere. They also have an “connect app” that enables you to get free WiFi in the UK or abroad, saving more of your mobile data allowance.

You can choose one of their SIM Only plans from £7 for 1GB data with 1500 minutes and unlimited texts. 

If you’re a big data user, then you could opt for their giant 24GB SIM only plan for just £12 per month. All these SIM deals are 12-month contracts. Proceed with caution as their customers rate them poorly on Trustpilot, this might explain why you must sign up for 12 months, rather than monthly as a monthly rolling contract wouldn’t force you to stay!

Virgin Mobile's SIM deals at a glance:

  • GroupCreated with Sketch. Unlimited texts and data rollover as standard
  • GroupCreated with Sketch. Usage-free messaging on WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook
  • GroupCreated with Sketch. "Connect app" enables access to WiFi in over 20 million hotspots
  • GroupCreated with Sketch. Trustpilot rating is 'Bad'

4. Want to tell a never-ending story?

You can update your story all day and night and enjoy all your favourite social apps without using up your data allowance with Voxi. Their SIM Only plans give you ‘Endless Social Media’. You also get unlimited use of Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter and Messenger with any of their Endless plans. Prices start from £10 for 6GB data, unlimited calls and texts.

Voxi’s SIM Only plans might seem like a good deal with added value to a regular SIM Only deal, but I’m wondering if these extra’s are worth it?

Their customers report them as ‘Poor’ on Trustpilot. Take a look for yourself before you decide to sign up for one of their SIM card deals. 

Voxi SIM deals at a glance:

  • GroupCreated with Sketch. Unlimited use of social media without using your data
  • GroupCreated with Sketch. Endless social media applies to 7 apps
  • GroupCreated with Sketch. Unlimited calls, texts and picture messages
  • GroupCreated with Sketch. No contract, cancel any time

5. Do you yo-yo with your data?

Hear your mobile calls better with Audacious MobileIf you want to max out on data, want to binge on Netflix one month and go on a social media diet the next? Why not try a Smarty SIM only deal? Their unique offer to get money back for unused data means if you don’t use it, you won’t lose it. If you take one of their data discount plans, Smarty will reduce your monthly payment to account for any unused data.

Look out for their current ‘double data’ special offer on their website – 4GB for £7 and you can get up to £2 back every month. You can buy unlimited data, calls and texts for just £20, with one of Smarty’s ‘All the data you need for less’ SIM only plans.

If you don’t need over-the-phone customer support, then Smarty could be the mobile provider for you. However, if you think you’ll need some help along the way, take a look on Trustpilot to see what their customers are saying about their support before you buy.

Smarty SIM deals at a glance

  • GroupCreated with Sketch. Get money back for unused data at the end of every month
  • GroupCreated with Sketch. Commitment free SIM plans
  • GroupCreated with Sketch. Add-Ons that never expire
  • GroupCreated with Sketch. Powered by Three Mobile

Find the best SIM deal for you

If you’re inspired to look for a new SIM deal with a difference, try searching on a comparison site like Uswitch to find a SIM only deal that suits your needs and budget.

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