How new mobile phone technology is changing lives

Why is it so hard to hear on the phone?

Hear your mobile calls better with Audacious MobileWhen sound travels over a standard mobile network, the sound is compressed, and it loses some of its definition. When this happens, you can lose the highest and lowest frequencies, making it harder to hear the person you’re talking to. Sometimes, other people speak too quietly, or you could be in a location with lots of background noise and it becomes an overall stressful and frustrating experience.

How many times have you had to put the phone down because you just couldn’t hear the person on the other end?

During phone calls you may need to:

  • GroupCreated with Sketch. Concentrate and listen hard
  • GroupCreated with Sketch. The brain must work extra hard to process sound information
  • GroupCreated with Sketch. Keep calls brief
  • GroupCreated with Sketch. Ask people to text instead
  • GroupCreated with Sketch. Pass the phone to someone else
  • GroupCreated with Sketch. Not answer/avoid calls altogether

Add to the fact that not all smartphones are created with the focus of making calls. With most adults aged 18-54 spending more time using their phones to update social media and responding to text messages, than making phone calls.¹

Losing your hearing can lead to loss of confidence, withdrawal and social isolation. As some people start to avoid social situations where they do not have control over their environment for fear of their hearing being a barrier to communication. As well as hearing loss now being linked to conditions like dementia. With the symptoms of hearing loss and dementia being similar which can mean misdiagnosis or can make the condition seem worse.²

What can you do about it? Well Audacious' world-first technology is changing mobile calls for good:

Hear your mobile calls better with Audacious MobileWith Audacious technology, there is finally a way to combat the difficulty of mobile calls. By taking our online hearing test called the Sound Check, we can measure how well you hear on your mobile by playing you different frequencies.

The results are stored in our network, we call this your personal hearing profile. This is applied to an Audacious SIM card and the network reprocesses all your calls to match your hearing. With the Audacious technology, 90% of users said it was easier to hear people on the phone, and 67% found it improved clarity when they were in noisy places.


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