Ben’s story: I was born with a profound hearing loss

Hi, I’m Ben, 44 years of age and I work for the civil service. I was born with a profound hearing loss and have been living with hearing loss all my life. I hear with a cochlear implant.

A change for the better

Having reached the end of a year-long contract with my current provider, I started looking around for a suitable network to replace them. My time with my current provider has been nothing but poor network connection and even worse voice call experience.

Then I came across this new phone network on my Facebook news feed.

Audacious use a groundbreaking technology which changes the signal you hear over the phone network, by compensating for the frequencies in the sound you don’t hear as well. They have a very bold claim, but already people are benefiting from this amazing technology, making life using a mobile phone that much easier.

Prior to joining Audacious Mobile, I have avoided voice calls on my mobile phone. I hope with the clear call technology, this will boost my overall confidence when making phone calls. I have noticed a big difference in call quality having joined the network just two weeks ago.

An Audacious time

Hear your mobile calls better with Audacious MobileI was privileged to get invited to Audacious’s launch event thanks to NADP which took place on 3.09.2019. It was great to meet and talk to those behind the business and company vision. I can already see the passion and friendliness of those people working for the network and determined to make this a success.

They are a young independent network, which has the potential to make a huge difference to the lives of those of us who have a hearing loss and are unable to hear with ease and clarity.

There may come a time when people like us will hear better on the phone than normal hearing people. I advise people to sign up and find out what all the fuss is about!

Audacious also offer a full money back guarantee within 28 days of sign up if you’re one of the 1 in 10 people for whom the technology doesn’t work (as 9 in 10 people have reported from research that the technology works).

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