Sylvia’s story: I used to avoid making mobile calls

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Hi, I’m Sylvia, I suffered sudden sensory hearing loss in 2015 which left me with moderate to severe hearing loss. I now wear hearing aids in both ears. My hearing loss makes communication difficult as I no longer hear frequencies such as that of speech.

Mobile phone call avoidance

As someone who cannot hear very well on their mobile phone, I used to avoid making mobile calls as much as possible because I found it very difficult. Since discovering Audacious, I am now able to make calls again using their amazing technology.

Once I had taken the Sound Check and viewed my personal hearing profile, I was pleasantly surprised as the graph is very similar to the audiogram that I had received from my Audiologist. This gave me confidence that the Sound Check was accurate. The whole experience was very straightforward, from setup to the Sound Check and using the system, I experienced no difficulty at all.

With Audacious I immediately found that my calls were very clear, even in very noisy locations.

Rocking on with Audacious

Hear your mobile calls better with Audacious MobileI am very happy with the sound I receive from the Audacious SIM and could even hear clearly while using my mobile phone at a rock concert in Hyde Park, London!

I also successfully used my mobile phone on a busy London street and while sitting outside a very busy pub. With Audacious I have really been able to hear the difference. I even took a call whilst travelling in a car which I could not previously have done.

As someone who normally only makes mobile calls when I absolutely have to or when I am in a quiet location, this was a whole new experience for me. Calls with Audacious are easier and less tiring and I think that the Audacious clear call technology is incredibly helpful for those with hearing loss.

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